Maggie’s Story

Miriam’s Success Story
I agreed to foster a little baby Chihuahua called Ben, but when I saw Maggie who was seven months at the rescue and her terrified state I took her with me also. She was afraid of her own shadow. Rescued from a raided puppy farm where she was in dirty crates with 20 other dogs all barking at the same time. Chihuahua Rescue Ireland took six of the Chihuahuas that were at the farm.

Maggie needed time and as she began to relax she looked at me as if she was going to burst with love. We kept her until she was ready and to be honest I was afraid to let her go as I did not want to let her down. This happens me with all my foster dogs but with Maggie who came to us in such a state I didn’t want to upset her. But I also knew there were hundreds more dogs looking to be fostered. This is a great way of helping rescues match the correct type of home for their rescued dogs and puppies. So I shared her photo half hoping no one would adopt her!

Maggie caught the eye of her new mummy and that was it, she was whisked away and into the most loving home with her larger than life best friend Coco. Such a happy ending for Maggie.

The most loving dog breed of the world is called rescued