Miriam’s Passion

You can’t buy love but you can rescue it

I have been supporting rescue dogs in Ireland for many years. What started out as a love for dogs has escalated into a passion for helping find forever homes for dogs in pounds and rescues or who are about to be euthanised.

My husband and I have fostered and rehomed hundreds of dogs.

I am passionate about Animal Welfare and shocked at the inhumane treatment of many dogs in Irish puppy farms and the lack of transparency in Irish pounds.

I am an avid supporter of the Adopt don’t Shop movement and am vehemently anti puppy farming. 

My mission is to get Irish people to change their mindset when buying a dog. The pounds and rescues are stuffed with beautiful healthy dogs that have been abandoned for various reasons.

Buying online supports the puppy-farming epidemic. Breeders come up with lots of ways to deceive online buyers. The Mums are bred back to back and live in tiny cages for all their lives. I am passionate about spreading the message….Adopt don’t Shop. You wont regret it.

There are only two things I can’t resist:
my dog and my other dog.