Myths about Rescue Dogs

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks
Not True

Rescue dogs have behavioural problems
Not True

Rescue dogs aren’t healthy
Not True

There are no Purebreds at a dog shelter
Not True

Rescue dogs need extra training
Not True

Rescue dogs can be aggressive towards other dogs
Not True

Rescue dogs are unsafe for families and children
Not true

Adoption fees are too expensive
Not True

All Rescue dogs are old
Not True

Abused rescue dogs don’t make good pets
Not True

There are many reasons why a dog ends up at a rescue. It could have been a stray found on the street, its owner may have died or been too unwell to care for it or simply the owners bought a puppy for Christmas and decided after a few weeks that they did not want a dog.

All dogs that are taken into a rescue are given a full health examination and are provided with vaccines, are micro chipped and neutered.

Every breed of dog passes through the rescue. Purebreds like Boxers, Huskies, German Shepard’s and also many mixed breeds like Cavachons, Labradoodles, Terrier mix etc…

Most dogs are quick learners and most of the rescues have had previous homes where they have been trained.

Bought dogs can cost a lot of money. Adopting a dog costs a lot less.

Thousands of puppies and dogs are taken into rescues.

Dogs that have been abused by humans can make a full emotional recovery in the right home and have so much love to give.

Dogs are never rehomed by a rescue until they are emotionally ready.

Why you should Neuter your Pet
Some people think it is cruel and unnatural to neuter a dog. It is far crueler to kill her puppies because you can’t home them.

To stop pet overpopulation

There are over a thousand dogs killed in Irish pounds every year

This means that at least 3 dogs are put to sleep in Irish pounds every day

Male dogs tend not to stray or roam after being neutered and this will also reduce sexual and aggressive behaviours

Your dog will become calmer which is good for a family pet

May reduce the reduction in the prevalence of specific types of cancer

Prevents unplanned pregnancies, which involves high costs as well as raising puppies.

Happiness starts with a wet nose
and ends with a tail.