Ruby’s Story

Miriam’s Success Story
Ruby spent the first year of her life on a puppy farm, terrified and full of mange. Business was quiet for the breeder and he decided to get rid of a few dogs. Thankfully Wicklow Animal Welfare rescued these dogs. Fiona who runs the rescue really thought Ruby was forever broken. She couldn’t lift her eyes up to even look at anyone. She was so sad when I went to take pictures of the new dogs in the rescue to share and help find homes.

I knew the exact person who would rescue Ruby in more ways than one. The minute my friend saw her that was it, Ruby went home with her and after weeks of patience and letting Ruby settle she is now finally relaxing and is the best, sweetest dog. To make her even happier she has just got a new rescued lurcher sister Poppy and they are best friends.

A house is not a home without a dog.